Condor as a training device for real soaring

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Condor as a training device for real soaring

Postby RodNoc123 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:17 pm, "Downloads"

I found this in the "Cockpit Builders" section. This guy not only offers an interesting "cockpit simulator", but provides brilliant Condor flight school lessons on his homepage as well. These lessons are available for free and are much more valuable than his "cockpit simulator", in my opinion.

The lesson package he provides shows how the Condor flight school should be done. The way he structures the lessons allow for focused training of specific situations. With just a couple of clicks, you can move between lessons and quickly select from a well-structured variety of specific situations to work on.

OXO, I very much hope these lessons will work with V 2.0 as well. I think this style of virtual flight school could make Condor a must-have simulator for real flight schools and real life pilots in general. With this, besides being a fun "game", Condor could become an important tool to increase safety and performance for real life pilots and improve the learning curve of newcomers significantly. There is no shortage of what could be taught: mountain flying, flying in traffic, dealing with specific dangers of certain planes, optimizing cross country performance, aerobatics, and so on and so on.

Didactics, quick availability of specific lessons and a well-structured curriculum are crucial.

When it comes to using Condor as a learning tool, this guy does it right, IMO (I haven't looked at his books yet, though).

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