LOW-END glider event briefing DAY 5

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LOW-END glider event briefing DAY 5

Postby John Verschoor » Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:58 pm

Todays task is a classic 300km FAI triangle. Legs one and two will take us along the sun and wind side of some ridges, last leg is against the wind.
Special request from SOI, we will fly this task in the non-flapped 18m gliders. These gliders are hardly being used after plane-pack 1 added the flapped 18m gliders. Please select a Discus2c, LS8s or ASW 28-18 for this task!

I just read the news, SBC2016 will start next Thursday! For now, this will be the last LOW-END task, enjoy it!

LOW-END Day 5 300fai.jpg
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