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Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 9:44 am
by dgtfer
Welcome to Tim Madsen and Horst Jahnke in the Final Board, it wouldn't have been complete without these eminent members of Condor Community!
A nice and easy task in the most beautiful island in the world, some needed it after the harshness of the last race, but we had to stay focused on the right choices till the end...

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 10:01 am
by dgtfer
Corsica had been fatal to him on his previous attempt, but he was not impressed, and this time ZAD dominated the race, more than 4 minutes ahead of his pursuers.
Behind the cleaver felt between OVIDIU FEDER and B Ikarus, only 4 seconds short ... That's the hard law of sport!
Congratulations to the qualified, and all our encouragements to their pursuers!

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 10:43 am
by dgtfer
WARNING!: The 2 next races are on Big Pyrenees. This beautiful scenery has high definition textures, and may cause some blue screen crashes.

To avoid this you must either reduce textures definition or visibility distance.

for more informations: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17374&p=150566#p150566

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 8:59 am
by dgtfer
Congratulations to Michel-BI BIGAND and Claude SIM, the 2 new members of the Final Board!

Registration is still open and we are now more then 100 registered competitors, there are still 2 qualifying races,
and remember that in a single race everything is always possible, for qualification, and for the Grand Final!

But of course seeing yesterday Anouar's result one can say it will not be easy for the others ...

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 10:00 am
by dgtfer
Congratulations to Pawel Lis and Marc Blanjean , they won their tickets for the Grand Final Race!
For the last qualification race, we're leaving the Pyrenees and will be back on AA. Who's going to reach in extremis the final board?
For the general ranking, things are now clearer for DB1 Ikarus who is sure to be qualified, and Marek Baran and Xiongmao x3 too... But Francis Quantin is not safe from a last attack by Jean Canastel ...

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:49 am
by dgtfer
And voila! Torben Moeller and Sasa Mihajlovic qualified in the last race, all our congratulations!

No change in the general ranking, so B Ikarus , Marek Baran , Xiongmao x3 and Francis Quantin the first 4 not already qualified will join the final board. But as Claude SIM withdrawn, in accordance with the rules, the next pilot in the general ranking is also qualified, and therefore Jean Canastel will also be in the Grand Final Race. Congratulations to all 5!

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:13 am
by dgtfer
The Grand Final Race:

Now that the Final Board is complete, the Condor GP 2017 - Qualification Races competition becomes: Condor GP 2017 - Finale and The Grand Final Race will be added.
As expected, the Grand Final Race will take place this Sunday June 4th at 6:15 pm UTC (20h15 Paris time).
It will take place on the Official Server, and it will be a regatta start .
This Official Server will be mandatory and exclusively for the finalists.
And from now on, all non qualified pilots will be suspended for 1 flight, which means they will not get the password to access the official server.

The other Condorsim servers will be open for all other pilots from 6:30 pm UTC (20h30 Paris time), and their access will be free, without a password.
To avoid confusion from CondorClub, while it will be the same task, there will be a time difference : Condor-time at servers opening will be 13:00h instead of 13:30h, join-time will remain of 20min and the waiting time before departure of 10min. The time window on these servers will be 40 min, which will allow you, with a start at the end of these 40min, to fly under exactly the same conditions as the official flight.

If an unqualified pilot tried to connect to the Official Server he will of course be asked to move out to these servers...

We wish a Good Luck to all Finalists, and a good flight to all!

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:22 am
by dgtfer
Congratulations to the Condor GP 2017 Champion: Finn Kristensen
Condor GP Champion-FK.jpg

He knew perfectly how to negotiate his way in the last leg, and finish clearly ahead of the compact group of his pursuers!

A little more than a minute behind the suspense was at its height, and Quinten Hermans and Zadmalck (only 2 seconds apart!) managed to reach the podium steps, while fifteen pilots (including Michel Bigan!) completed in less than 5 minutes ...

Problems and Recommendations for a future edition of Condor GP

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:37 am
by dgtfer
As this was the first competition with this formula, a few problems was to be expected, and while during all the qualification races we didn't had to endure much troubles, for the final day the secondary servers, planned for the non qualified pilots, didn't start, we want to apologize for that.
And one pilot (Michel Bigan 188) has been removed from the ranking boards, we're investigating for a solution to solve it.
Please, give us back your impressions and recommendations for a future edition, we all hope that it will be on Condor2!

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:21 pm
by Ikarus
hi Michel and the other involved organizers,
thx a lot for realizing this interesting, international CONDOR competition. Merci beaucoup !
Overall, the format and rules are new, interesting and callenging, also fair.
Nevertheless , my small remarks:
- if you are one of the happy 2 first finishers in race, there is no need to participate the other races, up to the final. Personaly, I prefer to see the pilots at every race,its the way to strenghten the community and create this special competition atmosphere.
- to relalize that, why we dont use the GP rules from the RL FAI Grand Prix format. Shortly: max. 20 pilots each race, first 10 pts, sec 8 pts, .....down to 9. with 1 pts.
- for this format, regatta start is the fairest and exciting way to do it. For thoses , who dont likes it, a nummer of races will take place in the tradional format. (e.g: 7 races ragatta, 7 races regular).
-to minimize the effective existing collision danger, I recommend to limit the server places to 20. Cause there are around 100-120 interested international pilots , 5 - 6 servers launched will be enough.Grand final for the best 32 pilots
-if we fly at summertime, start the flights around 20:00 h.doing so,RL pilots will have the possibility to fly with us.(e.g. AXM,W22,they are registered, but dont fly.)
- its difficult, I know, but more realistic tasks would be fine.This will lead to more differenciated results. Hopefully, CONDOR 2 will give us the chance, to play with the weather conditions in a more realistic manner. (I know, its a long time discussion. Even me, I dont have a really good solution, compromize for that issue.So, no critics to the flight-planners.)
-finally,the int. community is small, on the other hand, the nummer of competitions is,relativily, high. Lets concentrate the resources,and coordinate the competitions before publishing them finaly.However, a new topic in the int. forum--> planned competions , could be the right place to do so.
Just some initial points for discussion,
thx again,
see you all in the air

Re: Condor GP 2017

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:16 pm
by sadatoni
One of the contestants was showing it live on Twicth. It was a joy to watch. Gives me ideas of what to do while I fly in the US Nightly race (I have a dismal record of completing only 4 of 7 I've entered).