51st HWW Hahnweide Competition 2017 - Virtual Refly Competition

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51st HWW Hahnweide Competition 2017 - Virtual Refly Competition

Postby Maddin91 » Sat May 27, 2017 11:34 am

Hey there,

due to the fact that I live in Germany and follow the the famous Hahnweide Gliding Competition year after year, I decided to create a virtual replication of the competition, which gives you the opportunity to fly the same tasks in comparable weather conditions like the real competitors did.

Therefore, I'd like to invite you to the

Hahnweide Wettbewerb '17 Virtual Refly Competition

You can access the competition via Condor Club: http://www.condor-club.eu/comp/show/204/?id=277

The competition will take place from June 7th until September 2nd.

This will be an offline competition and all participants will fly all races of all competition classes except double-seater.
Races will be flown chronologically, which means first all races from the 1st competition day will be flown (in sequence of the gridding of the real competition), then we proceed to the 2nd competition day and so on.

For sure you can also host servers and fly tasks online with friends, but there will be no hosted servers created by me.

  • There will be two tasks per week and all tasks but three (22/25) count towards your final score, so don't miss a task!
  • Tasks will be published at 10:00 UTC on Wednesdays und Sundays and you can upload your result until the next task is published - if you miss to upload in time, there will be 0 points.
  • Crash is scored with 0 points.
  • Outlanding is scored with distance points achieved until landing out.
  • You have one try per task.
  • Scoring will be done by Condor Club with the official 1000 points rule.
  • The pilot with the highest overall score out of all races wins the competition.

How tasks are created:
  • I imported the official waypoint file from the HWW17 website into the HW_SWGermany 1.08 scenery, so I can create the tasks exactly like the real ones.
  • Date is set to the real date of the task.
  • Start time of Condor is set to the time the respective competition class was towed that day.
  • Weather (Wind, Cloud base, thermal strength and inversion layer) is set according to the weather briefing from the website which is created by a local meteorologist at the airfield.
  • Launch will be by aerotow to 700m.
  • All NOTAM features are disabled except of logger, collision recovery and plane symbols.

Scenery Limitations:
The HW_SW Germany 1.08 scenery does not cover the entire competition area of the HWW17. Therefore, there are a couple of tasks (3-4) that have a waypoint which is out of the scenery boundaries. This waypoint will be shifted into the scenery area making this task a little bit smaller than it's original.
Those waypoints are named "m000 Name" instead of "000 Name".
Example: Day 1 of the 15m class goes to Waypoint "019 Bad Koen", this one is shifted to be inside the scenery area and is now named "m019 Bad Koen".

Official sources:
Official website of HWW17: http://www.wettbewerb.wolf-hirth.de/index.php
Soaring spot: http://www.soaringspot.com/en/internati ... werb-2017/

I hope you guys like the idea of this competition.
See you all in the air.

M. Lonien | Reg: D-2101 | CN: MAL

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Re: 51st HWW Hahnweide Competition 2017 - Virtual Refly Competition

Postby Maddin91 » Sat May 27, 2017 11:35 am

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M. Lonien | Reg: D-2101 | CN: MAL

Stefan Beach
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Re: 51st HWW Hahnweide Competition 2017 - Virtual Refly Competition

Postby Stefan Beach » Tue May 30, 2017 11:37 am

Dear Martin,
This is a good idea, to fly the Hahnweide tasks.
I am a bit afraid that the competition will be too long, with a risk of beeing annoing, as the tasks were all basically same direction.
Maybe a split in different competitions for all classes would be better?
Best regards
Stefan (SCR)

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Re: 51st HWW Hahnweide Competition 2017 - Virtual Refly Competition

Postby Pit_R » Wed May 31, 2017 2:54 pm

I like the idea of RL events in C. very much!
The main problem I see in re-creating RL event is that (usually long) tasks are day by day + tasks are longer in time and in km but much slower than Condor typical tasks nowadays. Also very often weather in RL isn't as optimistic as we see it in Condor lately. And also: good RL weather = longer RL task.
If you replicate RL weather and RL task length you may have 3-4-5h tasks (with realistic average speed) - what unfortunately is not very popular in everyday Condor. Offline/solo flying may be also problem for many.

Compromise imvho could be Condor competition 'based on RL event' (until it will be 'not enough')...
- with shorten (a little) RL tasks (if needed of course, not always! esp. not on AATs - where time of task is known)
- in one of the classes of RL event, std maybe?
- focusing on realistic weather settings...
- to gain RL average speed and RL weather conditions touch and feel...
- with 2 - 2,5 - 3h max tasks
+ maybe (not too small) real money awards (up to 20th position) would attract lots of virtual pilots for such contest in Condor. ;)

Results from HWW Hahnweide Competition 2016:
http://www.soaringspot.com/de/internati ... ewerb-2016

Results from HWW Hahnweide Competition 2015:

BTW: For HW_SWGermany 1.08 scenery limits maybe you could use another German landscape (photo one - West_Germany2) which may cover all turn points.

My 2c
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