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Re: Condor 2.0? honesty please

Postby guzzi948 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:05 am

alpha/beta is good news. I have been waiting impatiently for some time, and have been biding my time flying stink wing sims instead.
I'm not a software person, so it's not my place to complain about the time involved and get this is a spare time project.
I have worked in the aviation industry for over 30 years and get that stuff takes time to develop, even with a full time effort. Some of my time working has been in the flight sim industry (full flight level D stuff) as a techo, and have spent a lot of time working with software engineers solving modeling and visual issues. Whilst there is some friendly banter and antagonism between the hardware and software guys, it is understood that they are best left in there element (darkness dimly lit by the glow of the monitor) and if they say they will fix something, they don't need to be reminded every six months :D
In fact the only useful input us mere mortals can provide that may expedite a positive outcome, is to proffer pizza and coke, then quietly back away so as not to disturb them.
Have fun and maintain the rage.
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